We DIZIT Ltd is one of the largest IT Solution companies in Bangladesh. We are now in the government and telecom segment to meet the requirement of digital transformation solutions and data management. Along with our current service portfolio, we are expanding ourselves for Fin-tech, Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Training business.

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Wireless Fiber Solutions_

Free Space Optics (FSO): is a line of straight technology which uses a laser to provide the optical connection between two systems without Fiber. This revolutionary emerging technology will create a robust and unique solution in this IT industry.

State-of-the-art, ultra-high bandwidth wireless laser communication for telecoms and enterprises. Delivers connectivity at a fraction of the cost of fiber

Core Benefits

Highest Bandwidth
Up to 10Gbps of Connectivity
Lowest Cost
Zero Spectrum Costs and use of commercial off-the-shelf components
Fastest Time to Market
No Right of Way needed and Rapid Deployment times

Use Cases

Fronthaul & Backhaul for 4G & 5G
Leased Line Connectivity
Private LTE backbone CCTV IoT Aggregation Data Center Connectivity Low-Latency High-Bandwidth Teleoperation
Port, Chemicals & Logistics
Site Connectivity for Oil & Gas Container Crane Connectivity Ship-to-Shore Connectivity
Financial Services
Low Latency Trading Leased Line or Dark Fiber alternative