We DIZIT Ltd is one of the largest IT Solution companies in Bangladesh. We are now in the government and telecom segment to meet the requirement of digital transformation solutions and data management. Along with our current service portfolio, we are expanding ourselves for Fin-tech, Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Training business.

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Hardware & Data Center Support

The investment required to properly house, equip and staff a modern data center is sizable by any measure, but when it comes to ensuring its proper operation, Dizit Limited can always put together an in-house team to give your equipment the required maintenance and support.
Interestingly, despite all the technological advancements in data center equipment, where third-party maintenance services make so much sense for the health and uptime of business. you still need people with the right training, experience and dedication to maintain and support high-performing hardware.
In addition, you may want to consider the following factors before making your decision:

Experience: Providing maintenance to data centers isn’t a brand new field. If a company has just entered this space, it may have a great deal to learn about best practices. Dizit Limited can help to solve your business need.

Expertise: If your equipment is crucial to your business operations, imagine how important it is to have technicians who are familiar with it providing all necessary maintenance and our expertise can help to manage your need.
Customer Service: Regardless of how good the third-party provider is, there will be times when you have questions and possible emergency situations that need immediate attention, Dizit limited can be your best partner to stand next to you.