We DIZIT Ltd is one of the largest IT Solution companies in Bangladesh. We are now in the government and telecom segment to meet the requirement of digital transformation solutions and data management. Along with our current service portfolio, we are expanding ourselves for Fin-tech, Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Training business.

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Data Management and Ai Based reporting

Data Migration

Dizit is always ready to see new data, with the help of your pipelines that aid in discovery and planning, data cleaning and preparations.

Data Analysis

With the help of Ingestion, Data lakes, Warehousing, analyze data to bring more business values.

Data Engineering

Democratize your data and see a mature data workflow that brings new insights

Data Operations

Use data to do machine learning, Dashboards and visualization, Data analytics, Real-time monitoring and alerts.

Find Business Insight from Data

In an evolving Market, see business insights from the democratized data we give and evolve your business.

Track Top Business KPIs

Generating the reports for Top business KPIs to make more informed decisions and give the company a competitive edge.

Create Decision Support System (DSS) to help managers and executives

By building an information system, we aid the different levels of management of an organization to analyze business through the use of huge volumes of unstructured data and accumulating information that can help to solve problems and the decision-making process

Generate reports and build dashboards from large volumes of data

Supervise important business information through consistently generated reports and an intuitive dashboard.